Thailand is a wonderful country. Many people who go to Thailand are soon captivated by the countries warm people and fascinating sights. The population of Thailand is about 64 million people. Thailand is made up of a series of provinces and regions. The capital city of Thailand is Bangkok. Nobody knows for sure the true population of Bangkok. Like many cities in the world, Bangkok is facing a huge influx of people coming in from country areas. It is estimated that there are over 10 million people living in Bangkok.

Thailand is situated in the heart of Southeast Asia 14 degrees N. of the equator. There are two climates: a rainy season and a dry season, and both are hot and humid. Thailand is bordered on the west and northwest by Myanmar, north and northeast by Laos, and Cambodia to the east, and in the deep south by Malaysia. Thailand’s government is a combination of a constitutional monarchy, and a democratically elected parliament similar to Great Britain.  It is the only country in Southeast Asia not to have been colonized by a European power.

Thailand is unique among Asian countries in that it has never been colonised. The Thai people are very proud of this fact. Thailand’s government is a combination of a democratically elected government, and a constitutional monarchy.  Thailand is known for changing governments in sometimes less than democratic ways. It has had several military coups – the most recent being in September of 2006. The Thai people love their king very much. On Mondays they wear yellow-coloured clothing to symbolise their devotion to their king. The king of Thailand is the longest serving monarch alive in the world today.  He is a good man who has ruled the Thai people with righteousness and kindness, and has personally sacrificed his life for the advancement of the Thai people.