Recommend Letter

preacher_demicheleDear Fellow Laborers,

I am writing to recommend to you Jeff Gross, missionary to Thailand. Bro. Gross has been involved in our ministry since 2003, when he came to our first Pastors’ School and later began attending TVBC. Jeff has indeed continued to grow in grace and exhibits not only leadership qualities with those to whom he ministers, but has definite spiritual maturity, marked by humility, service, and compassion. Jeff has been a faithful servant of the Lord and our church, laboring in our jail ministry, bus ministry, fair-booth, Bible Institute, street-preaching, and many other outreach ministries.

Jeff graduated from Treasure Valley Baptist Bible Institute in 2008. While he was a student, I noticed his burden for foreign missions developing, and it has continued to be a large force in his daily life and personality. Jeff has traveled to China and/or Thailand each of the last three summers. He has developed a strong working relationship with Brother Wayne Sehmish, a former Australian pastor who is now a missionary in Thailand. Jeff will help Brother Sehmish in operating a Thai Bible Institute, and with the ministry of the church he has started.

Jeff spends time with God, turns to prayer intuitively, and holds his Bible dear. He is loyal, obedient, and grateful to his Saviour and church. Please consider helping him in prayer and financial support as he seeks to fulfill God’s call upon his life.

Yours for souls,
Pastor Rick DeMichele
Treasure Valley Baptist Church
Meridian, Idaho